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Basement Storage Ideas 

Basement Storage Ideas 

15 August

Whether your basement is finished or not, if you’re not using the space effectively, you’re missing out. Much like a garage, an unfinished basement provides an opportunity to store personal items and keep things organized. Here are some basement storage ideas that can reduce clutter and provide you with a sense of peace—

  1. Wall Storage

Wall storage systems are a great way to keep things organized and off of the floor. When things are stored on the floor, they look more cluttered and may be at risk of damage caused by flooding—something that basements are unfortunately more likely to experience. Putting together a wall storage space is easy—all you have to do is assemble a board full of magnets, pegboards, and wire racks, which will easily hold your oddly-shaped tools. For bigger items, like bicycles, consider installing wall hooks. Getting items off the ground and storing them vertically can dramatically increase the amount of floor space you have available for other things. 

  1. Under-the-Stairs Storage

The space that exists under the basement stairs is a great opportunity for storage, especially if the rest of your basement is finished and occupied with other items. For under-the-stairs storage, stackable containers are a great option. Depending on size, you may also be able to install some shelving. Under the stairs may also be the ideal place to store flat items, like old pictures, using a sliding system. 

  1. Corner Shelving

Corner shelving is ideal for spaces that are tight. If you don’t have a lot of room for storage, corner shelving helps to maximize space. Depending on your skills with power tools, you may consider manufacturing your own set of corner shelving or purchasing a pre-made set that extends from the ceiling to the floor. Once the shelving is in place, you can keep things even more neat and tidy by adding bins and storage containers to the shelving. Consider adding labels to keep things especially organized. 

  1. Repurposing Bookshelves and Cabinets 

Another great idea for a basement that will primarily be used for storage is to repurpose old bookshelves and cabinets that won’t be usable in other parts of your home. Use your own old items (this is especially relevant if you’re considering a kitchen or bathroom remodel and are replacing cabinets) or head to your local thrift shop to see if you can find some low-cost shelving/cabinets near you. 

Learn More About Basement Storage and Conversion Ideas

At Doppler Construction, Inc., we love helping homeowners find solutions for easier, simpler living. If your basement is unfinished, one way to maximize space is to invest in basement conversion—think of all of the things that your basement could offer you! To learn more about basement renovations in Indiana, call our team directly today. 


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