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5 Ways a General Contractor Can Make Your Home Project Easier

5 Ways a General Contractor Can Make Your Home Project Easier

20 June

If you have a home renovation or construction project, ranging from new doors to a kitchen or bathroom remodel, chances are high that you’ll think about hiring a general contractor to do the job. When you hire a contractor, it’s always good to start with an honest conversation about what the process will look like and what your goals are for the project, to help you better understand what to expect. Here are some other simple ways your contractor can provide support and assistance during your remodel or construction project.

1. Support in Scoping Your Project

When you hire a general contractor, you should expect them to support you in scoping your project; there shouldn’t be an expectation that you know exactly what you want and what the finished project will look like. Contractors are great with design. 

2. Availability for Questions and Updates 

Throughout the entire process, your contractor should remain available and accessible to answer questions and provide you with updates about the status of the project. They will also check in with you regularly to make sure that things are going the way you envisioned them. 

3. Transparency Around Costs 

Before you hire a contractor, they should provide you with a free estimate of how much the work will cost. They should also work with you to help you understand how much different materials cost, and help you to select materials that are within your budget. 

4. Insurance and Certifications

A good contractor will have the right certifications (i.e., an electrician should be certified) and be insured. If a contractor doesn’t have insurance or isn’t certified to perform work, steer clear! 

5. Your Involvement Throughout the Process

The contractor won’t just be coming to you to update you on the project, but will also be looking for your feedback and involvement, too. Nothing is more frustrating to a contractor than to perform a lot of work only to have a customer be dissatisfied with the project; as such, a contractor will likely try to involve you early on to ensure that your visions align with one another’s. It’s important that you’re honest and upfront about what you want. 

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