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Commercial Remodeling

Commercial Remodeling

Older buildings have character. They have histories that tell us about the purposes they served and the ways they had to change to accommodate different occupants over the decades. When you purchase an older commercial building, you are the author of the next chapter in that building’s life. In many cases, writing that next chapter means remodeling the building to suit your needs.

Developing your Commercial Remodeling Project

No two remodeling projects are the same. Variables that can affect your project’s cost and timeline include:

  • The age of the building and the time since its last renovation;
  • The current condition of the building and its systems, such as its HVAC system and its electrical system. When big components like these are broken and outdated, you will likely want – or need – to invest in a replacement now to keep utility bills reasonable and avoid expensive repair costs later;
  • How you plan to use the space later. If the building will house specialized equipment like a server room or a laboratory space, your remodel will be more expensive than simply converting it to offices or retail storefronts;
  • Whether you need to bring the building up to today’s building codes;
  • The materials and fixtures for the space; and
  • The extent of your remodeling project. A project that involves completely gutting an older building and starting again from the ground up will cost more than a remodel that keeps the bulk of the interior intact.

During your initial consultation, our team will look at the building’s current state and your goals for it to determine a realistic remodel plan. We might be able to provide creative alternatives to your initial vision for the space that make more efficient use of it and can save you money.

Remodeling an Existing Commercial Space

Your commercial remodeling project can involve one or more of the following services we provide:

  • New doors;
  • New windows;
  • Demolition of existing walls and features;
  • Construction of new interior walls;
  • Roof replacement;
  • Remodeling and conversion of outdoor spaces like decks;
  • Space use conversions, such as adding a commercial kitchen to a building that once contained offices;
  • Siding;
  • Altering existing spaces to become ADA compliant;
  • Modernization of existing spaces, which can involve replacing electrical and HVAC systems as well as cosmetic updates;
  • Creation of specialized spaces like Class 10,000 cleanrooms; and
  • Creation of gray boxes and white boxes to provide blank slates for your future tenants.

Work with an Experienced St. Crown Construction Company

If you own an older commercial building, you will probably want to remodel it to fit your current needs. Even if the building is structurally sound and functional, a cosmetic remodel can give it a fresh new look that will attract tenants and consumers. To talk more about commercial remodeling, contact our team of construction professionals at Doppler Construction, Inc today to set up your free consultation with us.


If you have questions or would like a free estimate we’d love to hear from you. Call us today at 219-661-1011 to see what Doppler Construction can do for you and your family.

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