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What to Expect When Hiring a General Contractor

What to Expect When Hiring a General Contractor

19 January

Investing in your home is exciting. Certainly, replacing doors and windows, redoing the floors, upgrading your kitchen, or investing in a bathroom remodel can change the look, feel, and value of your home. And unless you’re particularly skilled yourself, chances are high that you’ll be hiring a general contractor to perform the work. At Doppler Construction, Inc., we’d be thrilled to help! Here’s an overview of what you should expect when hiring a general contractor–

You’re In Charge of What You Want – Speak Up!

When you hire a general contractor, the contractor will be available to help you design and scope the project, choose materials, and plan for the end results; however, it’s very important that you remember that the general contractor is not in charge of the entire design and, ultimately, it’s your responsibility to speak up! Be clear about what you want and what your expectations for the project are. If you notice something that you don’t love, say something! While it can be hard to speak up, doing so will be better in the long-run. Remember, it’s your home – a good general contractor will be appreciative of you being honest about what you want the final project to look like.

On the same note, however, remember to put some trust and faith in your selected contractor, too. They’re the experts and will know what’s best. Keeping an open dialogue will improve the end results. 

You’ll Get an Estimate, But It Can Take Time

One thing that can be frustrating for a homeowner who’s ready to invest in a home remodel is wanting to know exactly how much it will cost and not being able to get an answer immediately. Unfortunately, this is just part of the process. While you absolutely should expect your general contractor to provide you with an estimate before work begins, know that getting an estimate can take time and the contractor will need to calculate various costs of material and labor. Be patient and be confident that the contractor will get back to you! 

Hiring the Right Contractor Can Make a Big Difference

The experience that you have working with a general contractor can vary from completely satisfactory and enjoyable to downright miserable. A lot of this will depend on the contractor’s experience and their ability to effectively communicate between you and other parties hired to work on the project. The role of a contractor is to oversee the daily operations or a project while also liaising between all parties involved. A good contractor who has experience will be more skilled at doing this. 

Additionally, some contractors will hire numerous other subcontractors to perform work, which may complicate the process. At Doppler Construction, Inc., we can perform all work, from electrical work to plumbing to painting and more, with our own team. 

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