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Ways to Match the Exterior of Your Home to the Interior

Ways to Match the Exterior of Your Home to the Interior

10 January

When designing your home the exterior and interior are equally important. The interior is the space you will be spending the majority of your time in. Day in and day out you will be surrounded by your interior design choices so you want to be sure to put a lot of thought into your aesthetic, it must be something you like as well as something functional for your lifestyle. When it comes to your exterior it is the first glimpse people will get of your home and gives them an initial snapshot of your home’s design as well as adds value to the home. It’s the cover of the book so to speak and should be a curated representation of what to expect from your interior. It’s important for your exterior to match or complement the interior of your home so you can avoid issues like a jarring change of design and a lack of cohesion. Not sure how to best match your interior and exterior? Check out these helpful tips and information below!

Things to Consider

When designing your interior and exterior keep in mind that you don’t want the two to be exact matches. This can cause your design to be overwhelming. Instead, choose designs and colors that aren’t exactly alike but complement each other. This gives you a wide range to choose from and allows you to create cohesion and flow without being overwhelming. By using complementary designs you also will have the freedom to more easily change and update either the interior or exterior as time goes on without disrupting the design flow or needing to change both at the same time.

How to Match

  • Color

As mentioned above, when it comes to color you’ll want to choose exterior colors that complement your interior palette. If you use the same color inside and outside the home it can come off as too matchy, complementing colors provide nice diversity without comprising cohesion. 

  • Extras

The exterior of your home doesn’t just stop at the architecture and home itself it also includes things like landscaping and fencing. These are all areas you can utilize as an extension of your interior design.

Doppler Construction

Professionals at Doppler Construction know all about exterior design and how to add value to your home while complementing your interior aesthetic. Give us a call today for a free quote on how we can enhance your curb appeal!


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