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Remodeling Ideas to Make Your Bedroom More Comfortable

Remodeling Ideas to Make Your Bedroom More Comfortable

29 June

Your bedroom may be one of the rooms of the home where you spend a large amount of time. Certainly, it’s where you sleep, meaning that you’re probably in your bedroom at least 8 hours a day. But it may also be where you work, relax, have conversations with your partner, snuggle with your children, and more. Which is why having a comfortable, organized bedroom is important. Keeping things clutter-free and clean, and creating a space that reflects your style, can help to reduce stress. Here are some great remodeling ideas to help make your bedroom more comfortable—

Try a Pop of Color

Most bedrooms feature cool hues, but there’s no reason why you can’t add a pop of a dramatic, brighter color. A bright color can make a room feel open and cheery—which may be exactly what you need. 

Add a Space-Saving Door

If you’re tight on space, consider replacing your regular bedroom door with a barn door. Barn doors slide rather than swing, helping a room to feel bigger, even when the door’s open. 

Keep Things Quiet

Depending on the location of your room and what else is going on in your house (i.e. loud teenagers or your spouse’s workspace right below your bedroom), you may want to take action to transform your bedroom into a quiet zone. This can be done by installing stone wool insulation into the interior walls. It’s a lift, but one that’s worthwhile if noise is keeping you from your best sleep, relaxation, creativity, etc. 

Add Shelving and Drawers

As mentioned above, reducing clutter is vital to keeping stress levels low. Adding built-in shelving to the walls around your room is a great way to make space more usable and find a home for all of your many belongings. And for those items that you want out of sight? Consider adding drawers under the bed. 

Get the Temperature Just Right 

Finally, the right temperature year-round is vital to comfort. Consider updating your HVAC system or adding a ductless unit to your bedroom for temperature control you can count on. 

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