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Questions to Ask When Hiring a Contractor 

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Contractor 

12 January

If you’re thinking about hiring a contractor for a remodeling or renovation job in your home, it’s important that you thoroughly vet the construction company first and ask the right questions to ensure you know what to expect throughout the process. Here are some top questions to ask when hiring a contractor—

Important Questions to Ask

Our team recommends that you ask at least the following questions before hiring a contractor for work in your home: 

  • Can I see your license and insurance? All contractors should have a contractor’s license and should have insurance that can pay for damages caused by the contractor or accidents and injuries. If a contractor doesn’t have a license and insurance, don’t work with them!
  • Who’s responsible for permits and the inspection? Before a new construction project can take place, the city in which you live may require that you seek a permit for the project first, and that the job undergoes an inspection. Talk to the construction company and find out whether they will pull permits and manage the inspection, or if they expect you to do this.
  • How long will this job take? It’s always a good idea to find out how long a construction project will take from start to finish. Ask the contractor if there is wiggle room in the timeframe they give you or if it’s absolute. 
  • How does the payment schedule work? It is never recommended to pay for the full cost of a renovation or remodeling project upfront. Instead, most contractors will ask for a portion of the payment upfront, and then payments will be scheduled. In some cases, you may not be asked to pay anything at all until the job is complete. Make sure you’re clear on payment terms, and don’t make the mistake of paying everything in advance before the job is complete. 
  • What will day-to-day work look like? It’s important that you know what to expect in terms of day-to-day work. Will the crew be there every day? What time will they arrive? What time will they wrap up for the day, and what will cleanup of the worksite look like? Can you be home? Will it be loud and disruptive? Knowing these things will ensure you’re prepared.
  • Are there any warranties? Usually, there are two types of warranties on construction projects: a manufacturer’s warranty and a workmanship warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty refers to the warranty on the materials/appliances that the contractor is using in your project; the workmanship warranty is a warranty on the quality of work of the construction team. 
  • What happens if there are disagreements or additional charges? Sometimes, additional charges may pop up unexpectedly, or there may be conflicts or disagreements between you and the contractor. Be clear about how these issues will be resolved before you have to deal with them. That way, if they do occur, you’ll both be on the same page about dispute resolution. 

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