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Outdoor Deck Ideas

Outdoor Deck Ideas

19 July

Building a deck is one of the easiest ways to transform your yard from a backyard into a place for entertainment and relaxation. If you’ve been thinking about constructing or renovating a deck, here are some awesome outdoor deck ideas that may inspire you. For all of your deck design and construction needs in Indiana, call Doppler Construction, Inc. directly.

Rooftop Decks

For homes with flat roofs, a rooftop deck can be an amazing way to maximize your home’s square footage and get an incredible view. Rooftop decks need to be designed by a professional, as the amount of weight that a roof can safely hold can be an issue. Call our team directly for help. 

Deck + Patio Combination

One great option for building a deck is to connect a deck to an existing patio, so that they both roll seamlessly into the other. This is both functional and attractive, and can sometimes work well even in relatively small outdoor spaces. One creative technique is to have a raised patio that leads to a lower-level deck, or vice versa.  

Decks for Dining

If you love eating outside, then designing a deck that’s perfect for dining may be your top priority. This might mean making sure there’s enough room for a large outdoor table, adding space (or even hookups for) a grill or other outdoor kitchen items, and perhaps even investing in a screened-in deck to help keep the bugs out as you enjoy your meal. 

Decks for Hosting

Dinner parties or something else, most people want to be able to host others on their deck. This means lots of space for guests and chairs, great views and unique design elements, and perhaps even a center fire pit or hot tub! When building a deck, the sky’s the limit in terms of creativity and amenities—just tell your ideas to our team and we’ll help transform them into a reality. 

Detached Decks

Detached decks that are set apart from the home and don’t have a direct entrance to the home can be a nice way to spruce up a corner of a large yard. Detached decks can be raised or ground level, and serve as the perfect place for a table, hot tub, or grill. 

Talk to Doppler Construction, Inc. About Deck Construction in Indiana

If you are thinking about deck construction in Indiana, call our team at Doppler Construction, Inc. directly today. We have years of experience and our design team can work with you to design and build the exact deck that you’re envisioning. Call us today to learn more about how to get started!


If you have questions or would like a free estimate we’d love to hear from you. Call us today at 219-661-1011 to see what Doppler Construction can do for you and your family.

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