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Kitchen Remodel: Why You Shouldn’t DIY

Kitchen Remodel: Why You Shouldn’t DIY

19 July

Do-It-Yourself projects have been all the rage for years now. All it takes is a simple search on the internet, and you can find endless ideas and instructions on DIY projects you could do in your home. While there are some great benefits to DIY projects, there are some home renovations you should never attempt yourself. A kitchen remodel is a project that is better left to the pros. It is a large, costly remodel that has a lot of complexities only the professionals can handle effectively. If you’ve been flirting with the idea of remodeling your own kitchen, take a look at these top reasons to let the professionals handle it before you commit.

Tools and Equipment

For a job like this, you will need a variety of different tools and equipment that go beyond your typical hammer and nails. Are you sure you have everything you’ll need? And if you don’t, do you have the extra money to spend renting them? Even if you do get all the tools you need, are you confident in how to use them? If you aren’t able to confidently use the tools you need, then your project is over before it even gets started.

The Skillset

Now, we aren’t saying you aren’t handy around the house, but being able to complete minor projects at home is vastly different than managing larger, more complicated projects like a kitchen remodel. You may have watched hours of youtube tutorials, but there is no replacement for years of on the job training. A kitchen remodel requires a lot of different skills, and you could easily run into a problem you aren’t equipped to handle, like plumbing or electrical issues.

Time and Energy

Many people turn to DIY projects as a way to save money but they don’t consider how the project will drain their time and energy. Most people spend all week working and then would need to spend nights and weekends on their home project. When the time and energy is underestimated you can often find yourself stuck with half-finished projects for weeks or months. While saving money is important, saving time can be equally so. The professionals will get your project done smoothly and in a timely manner. 


DIY projects can cause problems when it comes time for you to sell your home. Realtors and inspectors will be able to spot a DIY project versus a professional job, and if your work isn’t up to the right permits, codes, and regulations, this could cause major selling issues. 

What You Can DIY

Major projects like kitchen renovations should be left to the professionals but there are some home projects that are great options for DIY including adding shiplap to a wall, painting, adding wallpaper, changing out bathroom fixtures or lights, refurbishing old furniture, and more. Use your DIY skills on these projects but call the professionals for the bigger, more complicated jobs. Contact us at Doppler Construction today to get started on your kitchen remodel!


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