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How To Protect Your Deck From Water

How To Protect Your Deck From Water

15 May

Adding a deck to your backyard is a wonderful project to create a large space for guests and family to gather, bbq, and enjoy the outdoors. It’s a perfect addition to any home. If you recently added a deck, or have had one for years, you will want to make sure to protect it from the elements. If a deck isn’t properly maintained then it’s only a matter of time until the weather and wear and tear of the outdoors damages the area and renders it not only useless but potentially a safety hazard. Don’t let your time and money go to waste from poor deck maintenance! We’ve compiled some helpful tips below on protecting your deck from the most damaging element of all, water. Follow these suggestions and you can have a deck in excellent condition for years to come.

Sealing Your Deck

Perhaps the most important thing to do to protect your deck is coating it in a top notch sealant. There are a few steps you will want to take when sealing your deck otherwise it will compromise the sealant’s effectiveness. First, you will clear your deck of any patio furniture, appliances, decor, etc. Then, you will need to very thoroughly clean the deck. The best option for this is to opt for a good, strong power wash. It can also be helpful to sand down the surface, fixing any imperfections and removing any old layers of sealant. Make sure the deck has time to dry completely (at least 24 hours) and then coat the entire thing in sealant. Let the sealant dry well before you return your items to your deck.

Don’t Let Water Pool

This may seem obvious but to protect your deck from water damage you want to make sure you never let water pool on its surface. If you see some heavy rain, as soon as you can you should sweep any pools of water that may have gathered on your deck to protect its surface. This will also include any moisture that may gather from plants on the deck. Water can often gather under the plants where you may not notice it and cause deck damage. To prevent this it’s best to keep plants on something so they are never directly on the surface of your deck.

Professional Prep

Sealing your deck is a job you can do yourself but sometimes it’s worth it to have it done professionally. By hiring a professional to seal your deck you are guaranteed to have a knowledgeable specialist using the latest and greatest products to keep your deck in its best condition. A pro will also save you the time and energy of sealing the deck yourself and give you peace of mind that it was done right. 

Doppler Construction

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