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Converting A Tub to A Shower: What you should know

Converting A Tub to A Shower: What you should know

25 January

Over recent years it’s been becoming increasingly popular for homeowners to opt for a tub to shower conversion versus a full bathroom gut and remodel. While there could be plenty of reasons for the shift in bathroom design there is no arguing the many benefits in switching from a tub to a bath. A shower provides easy access and a simple bench or shower chair can be added for individuals with mobility concerns and is a cost effective upgrade to your home. If you’re looking to move forward here are some important things you should be aware of as you consider this project.

  • Design Options

There are a lot more design options available to you once you convert from a tub to a shower. From the hardware to the design style there are plenty of ways for you to impart your personal style preference. For example, many showers done today include unique tiling whether that is tile that features a design or a bold color. The hardware you choose can be another personal touch with options ranging for modern to Victorian.

  • Saving Cost and Adding Value

It always saves on cost to do a remodel rather than move to an upgraded house. The bathroom is a smaller area and typically less expensive than many other types of remodel. The tub and shower conversion is even less expensive if you choose to do it without a full bathroom gut and remodel. Any remodel will typically add value to your home as it updates the design and style and adds the newest features. The tub to shower conversion is no different and gives you the most bang for your buck.

  • Quick Turnaround

A common drawback to remodels is the lack of access you often have to deal with when redoing a space. Fortunately, a tub to shower conversion project is usually on the faster side of remodels. Depending on a few different factors and the professionals you’ve hired you may not have to be restricted from your bathroom for longer than a few days or a week. 

  • Hire Professionals

It may seem that a tub to shower conversion is a simpler project that you may be able to do yourself but it’s always important to hire professionals. There are many complications that can come up in remodels that you may not know how to handle or even be able to recognize. In this type of project in particular you’ll need to deal with plumbing which is something you always want a professional for as if a mistake is made it can turn extremely costly and cause severe damage.

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