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Valparaiso Outdoor Living

Valparaiso Outdoor Living

If you’re considering adding a deck or a patio to your property, contact an experienced construction company to talk more about your plan before you break ground. There’s a lot to consider before you start making outdoor improvements to your property, like how the finished project will increase your home’s value and how to make efficient use of the space you have.

It’s good to enjoy spending time in your backyard. When you have an appealing, enjoyable outdoor space, you can save money by choosing a “staycation” over an expensive vacation. It can also make it easier for you to entertain guests, increasing the entraining space available to you and making it possible for you to host additional types of parties, like barbecues and pool parties.

Outdoor Projects Our Team can Complete for You

One of the outdoor projects we do most frequently is decks. A back or side deck is a great place to entertain guests for a barbecue or a fun, low-cost kid’s birthday party.

Often, the deck is the centerpiece of a more complex outdoor living area. Decks can be built around swimming pools or over outdoor storage spaces, giving you a spot to lock up bicycles and other personal property. Our team can work with you to build the ideal backyard for you and your family, working one or more of the following into your project:

  • A custom grill that connects to your home’s gas line;
  • An outdoor sink to make grilling and cleaning up afterward simple;
  • Wheelchair-accessible stairs;
  • Outdoor storage;
  • Lighting fixtures in and around the deck to provide sufficient light in the evenings;
  • Built-in outdoor furniture, like a wooden bench on your deck’s perimeter;
  • A custom patio; and
  • A fire pit.

What to Know Before Starting your Outdoor Project

A lot of planning goes into building a deck and other components of a functional outdoor space. When you work with a contractor, you can avoid many of the costly mistakes that can come with doing it yourself, like using the wrong materials for the job or using your space and materials inefficiently.

During your consultation, we can work through all the details of your project, like the permitting process, developing a realistic budget, and determining a timeline for its completion. We’ll also go over any limits you face, like connections to your home’s electrical, gas, and plumbing systems and your property lines to see how we can rework the project to fit within your space and its limits.

Work with an Experienced Valparaiso Construction Company

When you’re ready to start developing a game plan for your next outdoor living project, give our team of construction professionals at Doppler Construction, Inc. a call to set up your free consultation with us. We can go over your plan to determine where you can save money and where you can upgrade the project without breaking the bank. We’re here to help you optimize your outdoor spaces. Contact us today to start working together.


If you have questions or would like a free estimate we’d love to hear from you. Call us today at 219-661-1011 to see what Doppler Construction can do for you and your family.

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