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Munster Fence and Deck Contractor

Munster Fence and Deck Contractor

Fences and decks each add a certain allure to your house that can’t be accomplished by any other building project. For decks, it is the ability to sit outside in warm weather, halfway between nature and your home, but enjoying the best of both worlds. Not only can you catch a gentle breeze during the summer, but you can also measure the snowfall of winter, observe the stunning foliage of autumn and turn your deck into a botanical garden during the spring.

Meanwhile, fences, when installed by experienced hands, can make amazing improvements to your home. Many people pigeonhole fences into the role of preventing curious neighbors from seeing into your yard — and indeed, privacy fences are excellent for accomplishing this goal. However, the aesthetic benefit of a fence often goes overlooked. For instance, a quaint white-picket fence can give your home a very different look than that of a large privacy fence or a country-style boundary fence. Both decks and fences — if installed properly — will boost your home’s property value and make you proud of your place! We’re your Munster fence and deck contractor — call us today!

Our Fences and Decks

Whether you want to increase your home’s space for entertaining — particularly during the warmer weather — or you want a space to enjoy by yourself, our decks are the perfect addition to your home. Our platforms are sturdy, level and friendly on your feet, whether they are raised or built at ground-level. Beyond the initial; platform, we can offer a range of different modifications to your deck, including pillars to create an airy villa or full walls and windows for a sunroom. Whatever your style, our experts can help!

Likewise, our fences are built to last, with materials that are naturally weather-resistant (as well as attractive!) When you get in touch with a Munster fence and deck contractor, you want your fence to be installed in the perfect place, with the ideal materials. Doppler Construction is precise and employs a wide range of materials to accomplish their job, Beyond that, you can describe the type of fence you are envisioning for your property, and we’ll make it happen!

Get to Know Doppler Construction

At Doppler, the customer always comes first. With three generations of our family working in the business, we’ve been helping area residents make their dream homes a reality for many years, whether that includes remodeling for ADA accessibility or to create a beautiful new bathroom! Overall, we cover a range of different building projects, including:

  • Home additions
  • Doors
  • Remodeling
  • Siding repair & replacement
  • Windows, and of course;
  • Fences and decks

The truth is, our experience in the field, paired with our desire to see you satisfied — no matter what project you have in mind — means we take on exciting new challenges all the time. And while our website is an excellent place to find pictures of our beautiful past projects, if you have something unique in mind, call your local Munster fence and deck contractor, or stop in today!

Contact Doppler Construction!

To get in touch with the team, leave us a message on our website or give our office a call today! From there, you can set up a date and time for your free estimate and consultation, where our team will go over the costs and time needed to finish your project. We’re the most reliable Munster fence and deck contractor, and you can expect us to get started on your project right away! Reach out today to learn more!


If you have questions or would like a free estimate we’d love to hear from you. Call us today at 219-661-1011 to see what Doppler Construction can do for you and your family.

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