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Hobart Basement Remodeling

Hobart Basement Remodeling

We all know “that” basement. The dingy dungeon filled with cobwebs, cold concrete, and dark corners. The kind of basement your children fear going into. When you have “that” basement, you have a spooky area that is perfect for storing boxes, holiday decorations, and old children’s toys, it may be time for an upgrade. If you are interested in transforming your old space into clean, well-lit and usable space — for a bedroom, recreational area or den, amongst other options — get in touch with our Hobart basement remodeling experts. You can also check out our website to see some of our past projects!

Reasons for Remodeling

There are a couple of compelling reasons you might want to redo your basement. Besides creating an area that is warmer, better-lit and more useful to you and everyone else living in your home, a major basement remodeling can:

  • Improved home resale value – Basement conversions are all the rage these days, and having a tasteful Hobart basement remodeling will help you lock in a higher price for your home when you decide to sell — and attract more buyers once you hit the market!
  • More space – Though you aren’t physically adding more space to your home — as you might with an addition — undertaking a basement remodeling or conversion project will, once finished, add more living space to your house. After all, most basements are not “living” space, so much as storage areas for neglected items. With effective remodeling, you may be able to add an additional bedroom or secondary living room to your home.
  • Build “your” area – Besides some minor remodeling, most people live in the same home they originally moved into. They may change the blinds, get a new carpet and put in some furniture, but they are mostly defined by the rooms already inside their home. Converting a basement lets you unlock your creative side, acting as a blank canvas for whatever dream room you were never able to fit around the limitations of the rest of your home.

All of these reasons, in addition to some of the pictures of our previous work, may help convince you that it is time for remodeling. But not all Hobart basement remodeling operations are the same, and how do you know who to trust with your home?

You Can Trust Doppler Construction Inc.

For nearly two decades, we have served the Northwest Indiana area with all its home remodeling and improvement needs. With that in mind, Doppler is the household name you can trust to tackle a large-scale (or small) basement remodeling or conversion. Not only do we offer the best products and materials to help complete your remodeling, but we also have the experience and the results to back up our quality guarantee. The Doppler method is quick, clean and effective, and you’ll go from having “that” basement to having a well-lit haven in the bottom-level of your home.

Contact Doppler Construction

To get in touch with our Hobart basement remodeling experts, check out our site and leave us a message! One of our associates will be with you shortly and can help answer any initial questions you might have about our remodeling process. You can also schedule a date for us to come out and look at your property, assessing what we can accomplish with the space you have available. From there, we can begin building, and your basement will take on a beautiful presence you never thought was possible.


If you have questions or would like a free estimate we’d love to hear from you. Call us today at 219-661-1011 to see what Doppler Construction can do for you and your family.

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