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Cedar Lake Aging in Place

Cedar Lake Aging in Place

No one wants to think about getting old, especially when, at some point, getting old likely means diminished mobility and an increased risk of injury. While you can’t change the fact that you’ll inevitably age, you can change how your home is structured to accommodate you when you reach your golden years. At Doppler Construction, Inc., we specialize in Cedar Lake aging-in-place renovations. Reach out to our team directly by phone or online today to learn about our services and how we can help.

What Does “Aging in Place” Really Mean?

When people talk about a home that’s designed for aging in place, they’re referring to a home that is designed to be navigable by someone who is elderly, disabled, or both. Because the home is designed in this manner, the individual will not have to move to a new location as a result of age/disability based on the fact that they’re home precludes independence or puts them at an increased risk of injury. For example, a person who is elderly and has limited mobility may not be able to safely use stairs; a home that is aging-in-place friendly would include ramps that could accommodate wheelchair use.

Why Aging in Place Is Important

Being able to remain in your own home as you age offers many benefits. Most people have spent years, if not decades, within their home by the time they reach the age where they cannot get around without certain types of support; leaving that home can be traumatic and uncomfortable. Renovating a home may also be a less-expensive choice than purchasing a new one. 

Our Cedar Lake Aging-in-Place Renovations

If you are considering aging-in-place renovations in Cedar Lake, our professionals can help. We can help you to consider certain renovations types based on your home and your specific needs (or the needs of a loved one). Some common areas of the home where we perform aging-in-place renovations include:

  • Kitchens. In a kitchen, countertops and cabinets may need to be lowered in order to accommodate someone who is in a wheelchair. The space directly under the sink may also need to be widened so that a wheelchair can fit underneath. 
  • Bathrooms. Bathrooms can be very dangerous places for those who are disabled or who are at an increased risk of a slip and fall accident. Common bathroom renovations that we perform including installing roll-in showers, grab bars around showers and toilets, and lowering countertops. 
  • Hallways and living areas. Additional renovations to a home that may need to be made include converting stairways to ramps and widening doorways to allow for a wheelchair to comfortably pass through. 

Call Our Cedar Lake Aging-in-Place Professionals Today

Planning for the future can be difficult, but is important. At Doppler Construction, Inc., we’re here to help you take steps to make sure your home is suitable for Cedar Lake aging in place. To learn more about our aging-in-place services for homeowners in Cedar Lake and surrounding areas, please call our team directly or send us a message at your convenience. We always offer free estimates on new projects.


If you have questions or would like a free estimate we’d love to hear from you. Call us today at 219-661-1011 to see what Doppler Construction can do for you and your family.

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