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Bathroom Remodeling Griffith

Bathroom Remodeling Griffith

Naturally, design tastes and popularity change over time, while things like expanding families or children leaving the home can change your functional needs for each area of your home. These things often lead to a need for a remodel. One such area that is often a popular remodel is the bathroom. Bathroom design trends can change a lot over time, and family changes, like a young child or the elderly in the home, can require certain updates to make this space safe. If you are considering bathroom remodeling in Griffith, take a look at the following tips. 


When it comes to your bathroom remodel, there are so many different design options that give you a lot of free rein. You can go big and bold or calm and subtle. Check out some of these great design ideas:

  • Tub-to-shower conversion- tub conversions have been a rising trend lately, with many homeowners opting for a very sleek, modern design with a standout shower. You can also get really creative with some floor-to-ceiling colored tiles to add an eye-catching burst of color. 
  • Freestanding tub- maybe the tub-to-shower conversion option isn’t for you, and you’d rather go for a statement bathtub. There are so many options for these, from large, mid-century soaking tubs to stunning vintage claw foot baths. Whichever you choose, a freestanding bath sure makes a luxurious focal point. 
  • Mirrors and Vanities- whether you need a his and hers double vanity or something slimmer for a smaller space, your mirror and vanity options give you a lot of room to make a design choice that is perfect for you! 

Make sure to take a deep breath and not get overwhelmed by all the choices!


As you design your bathroom remodel, you will want to make sure to consider not only aesthetics but also the functionality. It is just as important for your space to work well for your individual needs as it is for it to look good! Some things to consider:

  • Flooring– flooring is really important in the bathroom as the regular use of warm water can create very dangerous conditions for falling. You will want to make sure to have non-slip flooring like vinyl or at least utilize non-slip mats.
  • Storage space- if you know you will need a lot of storage, make sure to have good cabinets and drawers in whichever vanity you choose and consider additional storage like shelves or medicine cabinets.
  • Safety measures- as mentioned, the bathroom can be a very serious fall risk, especially for the elderly. If you have an elderly person in the home, consider adding bathroom features like handrails, bath chairs, and easy-grip hardware.

Doppler Construction

Once you have all your ideas in mind, call the professionals! Here at Doppler Construction, we specialize in all kinds of bathroom remodeling in Griffith. Contact us today for a free quote and to talk about how we can help you with your project. 


If you have questions or would like a free estimate we’d love to hear from you. Call us today at 219-661-1011 to see what Doppler Construction can do for you and your family.

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