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Basement Remodeling in Schererville

Basement Remodeling in Schererville

Are you thinking of selling your home in a few years when the kids have moved out and are all in college or living on their own? If you plan to downsize in a few years, basement remodeling may be a good investment for you to make right now. The benefits are twofold — you get to enjoy the new space and then you will be to increase your selling price because you have a finished basement. Homes with finished basements sell quicker than homes with unfinished basements in Schererville, Indiana.

Finished basements add a lot more living space to a home. When you choose basement remodeling, you have the chance to take quite a bit of unused square footage in your house and turn it into functional living space. When you sell, a real estate agent can tell you what the value of your home is in relation to current market trends in your area. Real estate agents and appraisers value above ground space differently than below ground living space.

How do Real Estate Agents Determine Square Footage of a Home?

When you put your house on the market to sell, one of the first things your real estate agent will do is to determine the square footage. When determining your home’s square footage, your real estate agent only records the liveable space above ground, your basement and garage square footage is not included in the total. However, after your basement remodeling project, that living space will be an extra for a potential homeowner. You can expect to have the space valued at about 50 to 70 percent of the above ground square footage price.

What Is the Style of Your Basement?

There are three types of basement styles in homes. The style will impact your basement remodeling return on investment when you sell. Following are the styles of basements found in Schererville:

Walkout. A walkout basement has a door to walk outside. Typically the door opens up to a patio and maybe a pool in the backyard. A walkout basement often has a lot of windows and natural light.

Garden level. A garden level does not have a door to the outside but has windows where natural light can come into the basement.

Non-walkout. A non-walkout basement only has natural light coming in from the small standard basement windows. However, you can add lighting that acts like sunlight during your remodel.

It will all depend on your basement style as to what you can achieve when you opt for basement remodeling in your Schererville home. However, no matter what type of basement design is in your home, you will add value with a basement remodel.

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