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Basement Remodeling Dyer

Basement Remodeling Dyer

Basements are often dusty graveyards for the things you don’t use but aren’t ready to throw out or donate. If you’re tired of sneezing from the dust, tired of setting mousetraps on your concrete floor or tired of having to fumble around in the dark for your one light switch at the bottom of the stairs, it might be time for remodeling. At Doppler Construction, Inc. we offer a vast range of remodeling services, letting you design your new basement or pass the baton to the basement remodeling Dyer professionals on our team. Our services are affordable, classy, and will leave you amazed that your basement was a place you once dreaded setting foot. Contact us today to get started converting your basement into a fresh new look.

Our Team

At Doppler, all our workers are passionate about turning your unused basement space into a usable, warm and well-lit area. We know that remodeling your basement is one way to massively boost your property’s value, and our basement remodeling Dyer team is ready to provide you with the excellent service your basement deserves. Everyone on our team of technicians and conversion specialists is certified and licensed, as well as insured, meaning they can provide the professional service for truly elegant remodeling. And while many competitors claim they have the experience, our family business has been helping clients recreate their basements for over 20 years! Just see what some of our clients have had to say about our basement remodeling Dyer services!

Why Conversion/Remodeling?

There are several benefits to converting your basement into usable space. Some of the top items are the following:

  • Improved home resale: a dusty, dimly-lit concrete basement does nothing for your home’s resale value, and may even harm your chances of selling the house. By having professional Dyer basement remodeling, your basement will become an attractive room in your home, pulling in potential buyers.
  • More room: even if you aren’t interested in reselling your house in the near future, you’ll have plenty of extra space for a growing family or for your personal benefit, You can place an additional bedroom (or two) in a good-sized basement, or install a game room, man-cave, or bar, depending on your vision.
  • Easier Access: with age or disability, access to your basement can become much more difficult. However, with proper installations and renovations, this can be made much easier.
  • Less junk: if you convert your basement into a new, exciting room, you’ll be less tempted to store all your junk down there, which will save you time if you ever decide to move out.

Remodel with Us

If you’re interested in beginning your new residential remodeling or conversion today, contact us! You can reach our specialists in basement remodeling Dyer by calling or by reaching out to us on our website. We also urge you to come by our showroom at 1027 E. Summit St. Crown Point, IN 46307. We are your home for affordable basement remodeling and conversions, and we’d love to see what we can do for your unused space. Speak with us today!


If you have questions or would like a free estimate we’d love to hear from you. Call us today at 219-661-1011 to see what Doppler Construction can do for you and your family.

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