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40 Years of Kitchen Remodel Trends

40 Years of Kitchen Remodel Trends

12 October

Your kitchen is meant to be a comfortable space where you share countless memories with family and friends. As an area designated for meals and entertainment, there are many potential designs that could work for your family’s needs. Over the past few decades, kitchens have grown in size to accommodate an ever-changing modern lifestyle, with convenient appliances and plenty of storage space. 

Doppler Construction has completed many remodeling jobs over the years, and we’ve observed a number of upgrade trends that have become increasingly popular over the years. A kitchen from 40 years ago looks both familiar and different from one in today’s world, both in its furnishings and purpose. Read on if you are curious about past and present kitchen remodeling trends. 

Wooden Kitchen of 1979

Many homeowners choose oak and other durable woods for counters. The warm, comfortable ambiance of a wooden kitchen was popular around 1979, where interior designers reconstructed the kitchens of the Depression-era with dark stained wooden cabinets. A retro touch of orange laminate and other pops of colors were a focal point alongside white appliances. 

Simplicity of the 1980s

A kitchen in the 1980s was distinguished by its improved convenience and easy navigation. White, solid color cabinets become more popular alongside colorful tile backsplashes. This fresh look was further improved by the rising interest in kitchen islands, which provided additional space for growing families. The chefs of the home were able to shine with these convenient features, as new kitchens were more likely to have peninsulas and extra counter space.  

Colorful Kitchens of the 90s

As time passed, colorful kitchens became increasingly popular. While more subtle than the warmer color schemes in the 70s, a 1991 kitchen may have had pale hues on the walls paired with lavender and grey laminate countertops. Black appliances were also a popular choice, adding contrast to pickled-oak cabinets. 

Through the mid to late 1900s, a classic farmhouse aesthetic was on the rise. Cherry wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances were ahead of its time and created a feeling of truly being at home. By the end of the decade, fir cabinets and stone countertops were popular choices. 

2000s-Era Cooking Space 

The turn of the millennium brought even more kitchen remodeling choices. Many homeowners opted for granite countertops and stainless steel appliances for a sleek look. Darker colors were in, from flooring to lighting fixtures. Some homeowners created themed kitchens, such as a Tuscan style or rustic theme. 

2010 and Beyond

In the 2010s, kitchens took a traditional approach to contemporary style. Cherry wood was back in, and hardwood floors began to replace simple tile flooring. Flexible faucets became a popular choice alongside larger, French door refrigerators. Colors tended to be more neutral as steel greys, blacks and off-whites made their mark. Overall, homeowners wanted a modern look that seamlessly blended older style. 

Get Started On Your Kitchen Remodeling Project!

Finding the right style for your kitchen isn’t always easy, so speak to our talented remodeling team at Doppler Construction for advice. No style is limited to one era, so if you’re interested in incorporating these features into your new kitchen, give us a call to begin. 


If you have questions or would like a free estimate we’d love to hear from you. Call us today at 219-661-1011 to see what Doppler Construction can do for you and your family.

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